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How To Have A Unique Digha Beach Holiday Like Never Before?

It’s necessary for everyone to take holiday breaks after a short while from their hectic lives  to rejuvenate their mind and body. And, nothing can be more refreshing for a vacation than Digha, the incredible and famous beach town of West Bengal! Known for being the most cheerful beaches of the country with innumerable shops and food stalls, it also offers a quaint and mesmerizing sight during the dawn and dusk. 

If you need a  holiday break sometime soon on the serene beachside, book a bus/train ticket and an Old Digha low-price hotel for a budget stay and start planning the trip  now! Here is a quick guide from us that can help you make your short holiday way too memorable than earlier beach holidays. 

#1 Seaside activities

When you are at Digha, the sunsets and sunrises are never to miss. But, there are many more beach activities to do and make sure that you have that planned ahead. Whether it’s swimming in the sea or driving a scooty on the New Digha beach during low tide, enjoying volleyball on the sand or just strolling leisurely while admiring the golden hues of the sand and salty water – make sure to plan and  do these seaside activities. 

#2 Shopping items from the market

Digha has a huge marketplace just by the sea shore where locals sell handcrafted items made of seashells, like jewellery, home decor, and artifacts, as well as several other items. Plan to satisfy your shopping spree on one of the evenings and check out stalls for hand-woven rugs, Midnapore mats, bags, hats, fashion accessories, and snacks items like cashews. 

#3  Enjoy the distinct ambience of New Digha beach

Located 2 kms apart from Old Digha, the New Digha beach is a man-made marvel with inviting sands and a more crowded atmosphere. It is better to spend some time at this beach aside from the relaxed atmosphere of Old Digha t0 enjoy the cheery vibes of tourists and also lines of casuarina trees by the shoreline. You can easily take a rickshaw or Toto from your Old Digha low-price hotel to travel to New Digha. 

#4 Admire the fishes at the Marine Aquarium and Research Center

Don’t miss out visiting the famous tourist attraction, the Marine Aquarium and Research Center. You can see a wide variety of aquatic species at this center, along with intriguing freshwater species. Lobsters, horseshoe crabs, butterfly fish, sea anemones, sea snakes, and sharks – there’s a lot of beautiful  marine life to amaze you. 

#5 Visit Amarabati park

To admire some greenery amidst this seaside town, include visiting the Amarabati Park. It lets you enjoy tranquility and peace for some time while you can cherish the wonderful sight of flowers and a lake. The ropeway ride is the major attraction of this park. 

Final note…

While Digha is mostly known for its seaside ambiance, cemented beach, crowd, and markets, next time make your holiday at this beach town in a new way. Hope this guide will help you make it memorable for your family. Lastly, to make your stay relaxing and affordable, book our Hotel Utopia, the best Old Digha low-price hotel offering an array of premium accommodation and lodging facilities.

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