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Escape To Tropical Bliss: Planning Your Best Beach Holiday In Digha

Digha is renowned for its shallow and quiet beach in the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, India. Its scenic shores, vibrant coastal culture, pleasant weather, and lip-smacking cuisines make it a perfect weekend escapade for families and couples far from the hustles of city life. 

Beach lovers and tourists from various cities throng to this seaside town, nestled on the Bay of Bengal’s coastline for its picturesque landscape. If you are from Kolkata, Howrah, or any other surrounding cities, you can easily book a cab or bus and reach this pristine beach in 4-5 hours. Also, regular trains from Kolkata to Digha operate which you can board to reach there faster. 

To make your stay comfortable, safe, and budget-friendly, you can book rooms in Hotel Utopia, the best hotel in Old Digha, known for its prominent location, top-notch service, and affordable rates. 

If you are running out of time and cannot plan your holiday the way we want, we’ve got your back! Read this blog post to plan an adventurous and memorable trip to Digha Sea Beach in no time. So, without further delay, let’s begin! 

Best Time To Plan Your Trip To Digha

October to February is the peak season for visiting Digha because of the lovely weather. March to June is considered a moderate season because in summer the weather gets hot and humid, but still, you can enjoy visiting here to escape from the crowd, with great off-season discounts from hotels.  

Tourists are recommended not to visit Digha during July, August, and September because of the unpredictable weather changes due to rains and thunderstorms. Planning your trip in the rainy season is most likely to get ruined due to sudden rain and humid weather.

Where to Stay In Digha

Digha has two beaches – the Old Digha and the New Digha Sea beach. While New Digha is larger and has a livelier atmosphere, most prefer Old Digha because it is less crowded and quieter, offering you a serene and traditional beach experience. 

You can even enjoy pixel-perfect sunrises and sunsets if you choose to stay in a hotel nearest to the Old Digha Sea Beach. Book your stay at Utopia Hotel – the best hotel in Old Digha for an unforgettable coastal retreat with luxurious rooms, ultra-modern amenities, unmatched hospitality, and a grand multi-cuisine restaurant. 

Things to do in Digha 

Digha is famous for its captivating beaches and burnished shores that allow tourists to behold mesmerizing golden mornings and spectacular evenings. It is a paradise for visitors who want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with their loved ones amidst the glorious nature. If you visit in summer, you can immerse in the cool waters of the Bay of Bengal Sea by taking a bath following all the safety precautions. The beach remains open for baths from sunrise to sunset. 

You can enjoy banana boat rides in Udaipur which is 15 minutes away from Old Digha Beach, enthralling yourself in the panoramic view of the clear open sky above and frothy sea below. A visit to Amravati Park is also recommended for its vibrant scenic garden and boating rides. At night, you can simply enjoy sitting at the well-maintained and clean boulders on the beach to witness the crumbly or mushy beach waves followed by their relaxing sounds and soothing breezes. 

Food To Eat In Digha

Being one of the oldest sea beaches and located in West Bengal, Digha is known for its local seafood, comprising delectable fish delicacies in Bengali style. When in Digha, you cannot miss out on the mouth-watering Pomfret, Tiger Prawns, Bhetki, Rohu, and fried fish. Vegetarians can also indulge in flavorful continental cuisine in various popular eating joints. 

Other than these savory items, you must try sipping into the fresh coconut waters sold by local sellers along the entire coastline at extremely low prices. 

Wrapping Up 

Planning a sudden beach holiday can be challenging, especially when you are preoccupied with work and household responsibilities. Hence, having a trip planner to guide you on the best cab or bus service, hotel bookings, and itineraries can make your job easy! This comprehensive guide to planning your beach holiday to Digha ensures you have an awesome family vacation with zero stress and maximum convenience. 

Furthermore, when you book spacious and luxurious rooms in Hotel Utopia, you get a combination of luxury, relaxation, and safety. As the best hotel in Old Digha, we ensure you have an unforgettable family vacation at our world-class accommodations, equipped with modern amenities and exceptional service.

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