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5 Fascinating Things to Not Miss Out When You Are At Digha

Digha, a quaint and mesmerizing beach town on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal is more than just a touristy place. Once you are there, there are a lot of things to do or witness which hardly any other beaches in the country can offer. From isolated beach excursions to visiting a science center, witnessing an encompassing view from the lighthouse watchtower to getting your nerves bothered at a snake farm, there are plenty of attractive things to do when you are Digha!

Sounds interesting to you, right? So, the next time you are at Digha with your family, partner, or friends, do not just plan it short and confine your tour to the beach activities. Instead, plan a long tour, book an affordable Old Digha hotel near the sea beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea every morning, and set out to visit interesting places. To help you plan your itinerary for a distinct and exciting holiday in Digha, here we list the most important places for you. 

1. Visit Udaipur, Talsari, and Sankarpur beaches for scenic views

Situated a few miles away from the main Digha town, these three tranquil and less populated sea beaches are a must-visit for a quiet and peaceful retreat. Escape from the crowd and hustle of the commercial Digha beach and reach Udaipur with a short drive to enjoy the golden sand, pristine waters, and calming surroundings. 

Talsari and Sankarpur beaches are no less beautiful than Udaipur and are renowned for their panoramic sea views and unique landscapes with coconut groves and palm trees lining up one after another. The scenic beauty of the beaches and the serene environment make them perfect backdrops for photography, leisurely strolls, and relaxation for a few hours.

2. Get educated at the Science Centre and National Science Camp

The Science Centre in Digha offers a unique combination of education and entertainment for both children and adults with interactive displays of complex subjects in a simple manner. The center has a planetarium and fun park with lots of science-themed rides that give visitors a great time here. To top it all, the park has a section resembling the Jurassic era where life-size dinosaur statues make every kid’s experience fun and thrilling. Science camps and education workshops are held frequently at this center to aware and educate young minds about science and the latest technologies.  

3. Say ‘hi’ to fishes at Marine Aquarium and Research Centre (MARC)

The Zoological Survey of India has established a Marine Aquarium and Research Centre in Digha that has become a hotspot for marine enthusiasts.  You can visit the place to learn interesting facts and gain knowledge about the marine biodiversity and ecosystem while witnessing a wide array of sea creatures, from rays, sharks, starfish, and sea snakes. The exceptional marine fauna exudes well-balanced life habitats of the aquatic animals and their habits. The center also organizes educational programs to raise awareness about marine conservation.

4. Witness snakes to chill your nerves at the Snake Farm

The Digha’s snake farm is home to a large number of snakes of different species and reptiles including lizards and crocodiles. You can reach there quickly and easily from your old Digha hotel near Sea Beach by taking a local rickshaw ride. This farm provides insights into the types of snakes, their habitats, and how they contribute to the ecosystem by preying on the rodent population and preserving the ecological balance. The knowledgeable and courteous staff at the farm conduct demonstrations live to explain the characteristics of each snake species. 

5. Get a glimpse of the Digha coastline from the watchtower 

Grab a chance to witness a panoramic view of the Digha coastline stretching miles across the horizon from a completely different perspective. Located very close to the New Digha Sea beach, this watch tower is an excellent spot for ardent photographers seeking the perfect moment to capture the vastness and scenic beauty of the Digha beach. The climb up to the top of the lighthouse watchtower is certainly worth considering the picture-perfect sunsets and sunrises that await at the top. 

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